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Radical Math Talk Podcast

RMT EPISODE #1 - "Mentally STEMulated" (Michole Washington)

RMT EPISODE #1 - "Mentally STEMulated" (Michole Washington)

In this inaugural episode of Radical Math Talk, we kick things off with an in-depth conversation with our special guest Michole Washington about her personal math journey, life as an applied mathematician, the founding of her company, STEMulation, the current state of STEM education for Black women, and so much more! To learn more about Michole's work, you can visit the STEMulation website at and follow her on Instagram & Twitter (@mathematichole_) BIO: Washington’s “abolitionist approach” to STEM education started the year she graduated from Georgia Tech. In 2016, she was the ninth Black woman in history to earn a bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics from the Institute. That fact signaled to her that there were deeply rooted, systemic issues in the education system, including racism, sexism, and imperialism; this makes it hard for Black and Brown students to feel seen, challenged, or excited about learning STEM concepts. She’s committed to shifting the narrative of what STEM education is and who can do it. As a doctoral candidate in mathematics education at the University of Michigan, she studies different aspects of informal STEM environments like extracurriculars designed for students who are underestimated because of their race or economic status. As a resident researcher intern at NASA, she conducts research and develops tools focused on evidence-based, effective practices aimed at sparking and sustaining underestimated K-12 girls’ interest in STEM. She is also CEO and founder of STEMulation, an educational games and media production company that promotes STEM learning through the lens of social justice theory and practice. “Even though most of my current success is about critiquing mathematics education and the culture around it, my formal mathematics training at GT has set a sturdy foundation for my messaging,” Washington says. “By that, I mean my undergraduate experiences as a math major at GT gave me a first-hand perspective to understand when a student is not comfortable within a STEM space, and secondly, the motivation to want to do something about it.” LINKS: Instagram - Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Podcasts - Anchor -

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