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"We are extremely grateful for the time and energy that Mr. Sarfo-Mensah gave to the teachers of EDUC 620. The teachers came out of his presentation with a variety new of strategies and tools to create and/or enhance their culturally responsive and social justice mathematics lessons. Mr. Sarfo-Mensah possesses a unique combination of innovative and introspective that contributes to the positive learning experiences for the secondary teachers in our graduate program."

- Dr. Daryl Corey,

Professor of Mathematics Education

Radford University (VA)

"Kwame has definitely speeded up the process of hiring for me within Boston Public Schools. At a time where I couldn’t decide between schools, Kwame stepped in and made a great connection between myself and a BPS principal. After talking with the principal for an hour on the phone, I knew that the Frederick School is where i wanted to me. A day later, I received an interview with the entire staff and got a job offer. Less than an hour after the offer, I had principals from other schools calling me and urging me for an interview!  Thank you, Kwame!"

- Guivens Andre

Boston Public Schools Teacher

"Before meeting Kwame, I was considering leaving education, and started to lose my passion.  But from taking his online course, I went from "Inaction to 'In Action'" right afterwards.  I pushed myself harder than I thought I could and I've passed both my licensure exams. I am officially a licensed guidance counselor, and now I'm interviewing for the job I wanted.  I've also brought resources to help bring diversity to the district. Thank you!"

- Lexington High School

(MA) Teacher

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